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Who am I ?

A passion, a job

Massage and support

Passionate since childhood about massage and caring for others, I gradually made it my job.

State-certified psychomotrician, psycho-corporal therapist, Practitioner in Sensitive Gestalt massage® and wellness massages, and instructor MISP... are the professions that I practice and for which I welcome you today.



My journey

I started by studying English literature, but as my life progresses and through multiple encounters with inspiring beings, I decided to direct my learning and training towards massage and support.

I started by training in Ayurvedic massage (APMA Paris), then became a state-certified psychomotor therapist (University of Paris VI) and continued on this path with numerous training courses on autism, multiple disabilities, therapeutic touch, parent/child bonds, postpartum depression...

In 2013 meeting Sensitive Gestalt Massage® was an electric shock, and I immediately trained with its creator Ulla Bandelow at theIFFP, becoming a practitioner in S.G.M ® then in baby and lateral SGM ®(Pre and post natal).

My training on very early childhood also includes training as an instructor in massage containing very young children alongside its creator Yvette Ménestrier., chez Corps et Communication, then ibaby carrying instructor IEFAP, and in MISP child massage through the MISA.

My professional career has also been very varied and complementary., navigating between psychomotor skills and institutional massage (I.M.E, Nurseries, R.A.M, retirement home, SESSAD…) then liberal (paramedical office) .

In 2005, the arrival of my first child made me experience the immense happiness of being a mother, but also to go through a lot of difficulties, of exhaustion, of doubts. So I created Being born well and Sharing in 2011 in Draveil (91), an association dedicated to early childhood and parenting support.

Fin 2018, I came to settle in Lot et Garonne with my family to reconnect more with the living world. The arrival of my youngest at the same time slowed down my aspiration to resume my activity quickly, but strengthened my determination to resume this path of life as soon as possible.


The birth

In 2023 thus was born Joy in Hand, an association focused on parenting support activities that I created with two other mothers, and the little caravan, my new place of practice in St Jean de Duras.

I work in surrounding towns and villages (Eymet, Hard, Sainte Foy la Grande, Prigonrieux…) on demand, an institution, schools, associations and municipal village halls, to lead groups.

My ethics

I welcome everyone, whatever its history or age (babies being massaged only by their parent), with individual massage sessions for children, adults and pregnant women, and group workshops for families and toddlers.

Children with disabilities are also welcome, with or without their parent depending on the situation and needs of the families: my long career as a psychomotor therapist in private practice and in an institution allows me to support this very delicate and particular population whatever their disability. (mental or physical).

Respect for the person, of the parent-child dyad, sometimes the entire family who comes to confide in me, is my guide. Just like kindness, the availability and welcoming of the word entrusted in non-judgment and professional secrecy are the framework of this path that I have chosen to follow, and who embodies my passion.

A new place to welcome you

THE little trailer

The little trailer, born ago 2 ans, is all round and made of wood.

Small and cozy, it awaits you on the edge of the woods and a silent hamlet surrounded by nature. Autonomous, it has dry toilets and electricity via solar panels. This desired sobriety does not harm its comfort in any way.: good thermal insulation, small wood stove in season, professional massage table, electric blanket, make this unusual place a cocoon of softness to welcome you individually or with your baby.

I use organic vegetable oils for massage (mixture of apricot kernels, sesame, coconut and sweet almond) as well as organic essential oils (Small grain, lavender, Wintergreen…) according to your request and your needs.