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Welcome to joy in hand

A place where everything is designed to allow you to recharge your batteries but also to connect to your inner joy, the joy of being alive and present in the here and now.

You are looking for a tailor-made massage that takes into consideration your needs and your feelings with respect and kindness, a massage to get to know you better, or a sweet moment to relieve your tensions during pregnancy

You want to share with your children a moment of joyful and nourishing exchange for your relationship, establish a quick and simple massage routine in your class to create a bond and respect between your students while improving their concentration and their joy of learning

Group wellness stays do not appeal to you... you would rather like to find a quiet place where you can retreat for a few days alone or as a couple, where you will be pampered and nourished on all levels without breaking the bank...

You have arrived!


Psychomotor therapist D.E. and practitioner in several massage techniques (S.G.M.®, baby massage, MISA…), I have 20 years of experience in personal support and parenting support. I now welcome you to the little trailer, a new place focused on well-being and sharing.
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Next MISP workshop

In spring, date to be defined.

Massage workshop containing very small items (0-5 month)

Next workshops in May after the school holidays, contact me for dates Prices

Joy in hand is indeed :

Sensitive Gestalt Massage® sessions for adults and children

  • wellness massage, it allows physical and psychological relaxation
  • psycho-corporal approach, it can lead to better body/mind/emotion unity and work on oneself, in the here and now
  • tailor-made according to your needs, each session is unique: I'm here for you
  • he is speaking to :

to adults

to children

to children with disabilities

to pregnant women or women who have just given birth, in the presence or not of the father

“No two massages are alike apart from the quality of its touch, and I'm always pleasantly surprised.”

Support at each stage of parenthood

  • Massage workshop containing (from birth to 5/6 month)
  • Baby Sensitive Gestalt® massage workshop (6 has 18 month)
  • Ces 2 workshops :

Aimed at the baby’s parents or grandparents

Are offered in individual workshops, or in a small group workshop

“To meet Alice is to meet sweetness, respect and humanity. Merci….”

MISP workshops

  • They strengthen bonds between children, nurture respect and confidence in oneself and in others, establish a serene climate
  • They are practiced in a seated position, and dressed
  • They address:
    • To families, in small groups or open workshops
    • To schools, accompanied by myself then by their teacher
    • At leisure centers, parenting support association…
“I could notice, from the first sessions, a more relaxed atmosphere and a calm start to work for the students”
(Ms. Dormoy, director of the Jules Ferry school, 91)

Well-being and rejuvenation stays with

  • a return to oneself or as a couple, housed in a simple but cozy caravan
  • à la carte : SGM® massage sessions, de Hatha Yoga, an introduction to Mindfulness meditation
  • one or two vegetarian/link meals per day

Alice Reyss

State-certified psychomotor therapist,
practitioner in Sensitive Gestalt massage® and well-being massages, MISP instructor