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What is the Sensitive Gestalt Massage®

Find harmony between the body, the mind, and emotions

A time for yourself

Psycho-corporal approach through touch, massage responds to the essential need – and too often forgotten or even taboo in our society – to be touched. Deep and enveloping, it includes work on breathing, and is given with great respect for the entirety of the individual. Come get a massage, it is therefore above all taking care of yourself by offering yourself a moment of calm and pleasure.

A wellness massage

Sensitive Gestalt Massage® uses a wide range of more than 100 rhythmic movements, structuring and precise, more or less deep, which lead to rich bodily feelings.
It allows you to access a state of overall relaxation, physical and psychological, and deep relaxation of your entire being.

Body-mediated therapy

Inspired by Californian massage and Gestalt therapy and created in 1978, S.G.M ® also allows real work on oneself. Adapted to the person according to their request and expressed needs, the massage is different from one session to another, even if the frame does not vary. Massage allows, among other things, an enrichment and globalization of the body schema., self-awareness, developed abilities to center oneself and feel one's own needs, or even an empowerment of one's being in the world with a better relationship with others.
Emotions are sometimes buried in the body's memory, where every memory is stored, linked to a negative or positive emotion: massage can release tensions and related emotions, and appease them. The S.G.M ® is thus a tool for knowledge and self-development, in parallel or not with verbal therapy, of which it can be a wonderful complement.

Sensitive Gestalt Massage® is neither a medical massage, nor an erotic massage.

Classic session

For everyone

Child session

Session for children/young adolescents and children with disabilities, 1h

Mom session

Lateral SGM session, pre or post natal for future mothers, or have just given birth

“Carefully, attention, respect, Alice's hands do you good, quite simply…”

Course of a typical session

The course of a session is invariable from one time to the next and includes 3 phases

The reception phase

It’s a time of exchange, where you can rest, express your feelings of the present moment, emotions that live within you, possible pain. This is the moment when you can become aware of a latent need and express it to me.

The massage phase

The massage begins with a “contact” of the whole body following the rhythm of breathing.
Then after general oiling, the massage itself begins., which is based on a large number of technical gestures to which more creative gestures can be added to respond as accurately as possible to the request previously formulated. This phase may also include moments of relaxation and stretching. Precise grounding movements linked to breathing complete the feeling of wholeness.
During this phase, you are invited(e) to focus on your feelings in the present moment, to become aware of what is happening within yourself.

The last phase is that of post-contact

This is the integration and verbalization phase. By expressing your feelings, and emotions that may have arisen during the massage, you can thus better integrate the effects of the massage, which can continue for several hours (even several days) after a session. It also allows you to take some time for yourself before returning to the rhythm of daily life..

Massages are done with organic vegetable oils (Sesame, Coco, sweet almond and apricot kernel) and Organic essential oils on demand.

“I left Alice’s house peaceful but above all filled with new energy. An interesting “domestic journey” which I particularly recommend”