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MISP massage workshops

“May all children have the positive experience of healthy, nourishing touch every day, around the world"

Sylvie Hétu and Mia Elmsäter


Invented in the Nordic countries in the years 1990 by two women from the world of education, Mia Elmsäter (Swedish) and Sylvie Hetu (Canadian), the MISP™ (Massage In Schools Program) is an avant-garde program, a prevention tool to reduce aggression and bullying in schools. It contributes to the well-being of children, allowing them to experience a caring touch, in a secure way. It also promotes school as a place of security allowing children to develop the qualities necessary for their learning..

It gradually developed throughout the world, and is today practiced in more than 1300 schools around the world. In France, it is offered in schools, leisure centers, and in extra-curricular reception in particular, but also in associations and places of support for parenthood to offer families a new moment of meeting and exchange.

If it is aimed more particularly at children of 4 has 12 ans, MISP can thus be practiced at any age, between children or members of the same family.

The MISP routine and its benefits

The expected and observed benefits

  • a reduction in stress levels contributing to an increased atmosphere of calm in the classroom
  • a development of awareness and knowledge of oneself and others
  • a development of empathy
  • development of the ability to express emotions
  • a development of conditions of mutual assistance between students
  • improved concentration
  • a development of respect for oneself and others
  • a development of the body plan

The massage routine

It is carried out in 10 minutes once mastered, consists of 15 Simple and fun movements, and is practiced dressed, sitting on chairs or on the floor.

It’s the children who crowd together, in pairs decided in advance, after asking each other's permission. They thank each other at the end of the session. The masseur is attentive to the preferences and feelings of the massaged person..

Each child is free to participate. The child who does not participate watches without disturbing, and can join the group whenever he wishes.
No adults massage children: the instructor guides orally, or on another adult present, the movements to reproduce. Visual support supports learning and allows each movement to be memorized.

MISP workshop in schools

5 has 6 interventions of 25 min

MISP family workshop

regular workshops

“Children are asking for this moment, verbalize the well-being felt, and are available for the following apprenticeships »
(Isabelle Fouquet, CM2 by Jules Ferry- 91)


MISA France, the association which develops this MISP massage in France, participated in the Pact for Children and was listed in the PLAN TO FIGHT AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN, intended for after-school and extra-curricular professionals.