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MISP workshop in schools

To organize workshops in your school, contact me!

  • Learning workshops: 5 has 6 sessions
    • My intervention in the’ school includes 5 has 6 sessions of 20/25 minutes, generally once a week. This session is led by me, in the presence of the teacher(e), and takes place in the classroom, without changing the configuration, the idea being to be able to establish the routine with a minimum of effort and time.
    • Between sessions, children and their teacher(e) are encouraged to practice and review the gestures learned in class.
    • A 6 th session is often offered a few weeks after learning to clarify certain movements, answer questions raised by running the routine in my absence.
  • A routine learning session’ massage :
    • At each session, review of previously learned movements and learning of 2 has 4 (according to age) new simple and fun movements among the 15 routine movements, until you know them by heart
    • It’s the children who crowd together, in pairs decided in advance. These pairs can change from one time to the next. in case of odd name, the children get together in threes.
    • After asking permission, children start the movements. They thank each other at the end of the session. The masseur is attentive to the preferences and feelings of the massaged person..
    • Each child is free to participate. The child who does not participate watches without disturbing, and can join the group whenever he wishes.
    • The massaged parts are the head, neck, him two, arms and hands. The massage is done dressed, and sitting on chairs or on the floor.
    • No adults massage children: the instructor guides orally, or on another adult present, the movements to reproduce.
    • A visual support (poster, cards) supports learning and allows you to memorize each movement. This support and observation grids will then be kept by the teacher to facilitate future routines in the class in the absence of the instructor.
  • Following my training in the classroom: a daily or multi-week routine:
    • Each session, once the routine is mastered, is carried out in 10 minutes.
    • teachers will be able to have children practice the MISP™ Routine at their convenience in their own classroom: in the morning when arriving, or when deemed appropriate several times a week, during an inspection, before a particular situation (fire, attack…) to channel attention…


  • Workshop of 6 sessions (5 following + a review session a few weeks later): 250 euros