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Massage workshop containing very small items (0-5 month)

Next workshops in May after the school holidays, contact me for dates

  • The workshops take place in 3 has 4 1h15-1h30 sessions, generally once a week.  Between sessions, parents are encouraged to practice the gestures learned at home.
    • A meeting time, and ‘refocusing’ for the(s) parent(s)
    • Demonstration of massage movements / put into practice
    • A time for discussion and exchange on babies’ states of consciousness, the cries, the benefits and conditions of practicing massage, adaptations of the method to premature babies….
    • Perhaps this exchange with me will also be conducive to allowing you to confide in me difficulties or fears that you are unable to express elsewhere.. My training as a psychomotor therapist allows this space to be therapeutic., and professional secrecy is required.
  • What does this massage contain?? it accompanies the maturation of certain aspects of the tactile system by stimulating pressure receptors. By reminding the baby of the sensations of intrauterine life, this practice soothes and provides awareness of a continuous and global body envelope. This type of massage therefore has a containing effect and reassures the child by allowing him to feel the limits, the shape and contour of each part of his body as well as its entirety. For this reason, the baby can feel himself existing on his own. Practiced during the first five months of life, the massage containing therefore allows awareness of the body.


  • Individual workshop 3 sessions : 90 euros
  • Group workshop 3 has 4 families (parent/baby), 4 sessions: 80 euros